i ate civilization and it defiled me. (via__crucis) wrote,
i ate civilization and it defiled me.

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it's a little trite.

I hoped that he would love me,
And he has kissed my mouth,
But I am like a stricken bird
That cannot reach the south.

For tho' I know he loves me,
To-night my heart is sad;
His kiss was not so wonderful
As all the dreams I had.

S'usually the way that goes.

Rascall Flats (in NC!) Saturday, getting home around 3/4AM and then heading to see the Phantom of the Opera at the Fox. Expect me back if I can ever catch up on work and sleep. I need to find out information about Marie Curie.

And o. Anyone good with HTML? Tell me. I have an FCA website you can help me design.
I'd ask Bryan but he hates me again. xD

If Jei gets back this weekend, I'd choke a ho.

Other than that,
everyone, have a happy day.

p.s.: i figured bolding was the only way to get anyone's attention. ;]
Tags: aaaaaaahhhhhhh
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