i ate civilization and it defiled me. (via__crucis) wrote,
i ate civilization and it defiled me.

hiatus. i got a new journal.

natural law - wanting to say everything without second thought. without restriction. the writer and the poet, the future english-major and the college girl interested in learning instead of having a morning-after in which she can't remember 8PM-onward of the night before. the despair and insanity, blood and loss and love and confusion. the coming together of god in the eyes and seeing the moon as flesh instead of earth-matter.

societal law - the grin-and-bear-it smile that's usually never really a smile at all. dispassion and wanting him to come and save you. the way you look at yourself in the mirror, scrutinizing. that cookie you didn't eat for dinner. the oversized books you carry to school. the living to die philosophy. the dying. the dead.

and then the lines blur.
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